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Upon landing on the website, you will be required to confirm your age and agree with the warning about explicit content before you continue to enter the Home page.

If you agree and proceed, you will then have the pleasure to be greeted with the sites features as well as the most current online and available broadcasting models.


There are no irritating ads that appear on this site as to distract you from your purpose of enjoying quality time with sexy models. The layout is basic and simple to use.

Across the top you will see the information about the latest promotion that the site has to advertise as well as the date of the release.

SuperMen Home

Down the left hand side are all the website’s search options and features.

You can specify your preferences with regards to the models include anything from ‘Latinos,’ ‘Muscular’ and ’DILF’. This box has a scroll option to the side and so if you go further down the list you will also see great options like ‘Water Sport’, ‘Monster Cock’ and ‘Piercing and Tattoo’.

Underneath, you will see that you may choose from several options such as ‘Social and Content’ (which features the site’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages), ‘SUPERMEN Awards’ and ‘Support’. Once you select any of these options, a drop down list will become available so as to allow you to be more specific in your search.

Every model has their screen name with their availability at the top, a photograph as well as a star rating and then their specification like ‘FREE CHAT’ or ‘PRIVATE CHAT’ indicated at the bottom. If a user is offline, you can still choose the option to ‘VIEW BIO’.

SuperMen Performer Bio

Here, you will see the model’s photographs and their ‘About Me’ description. There are also the options to view their ‘Reviews’ and also to send them a ‘Virtual Gift’.

You may hover over any performer’s photo icon to sneak a preview of what is happening within their room.

Begin your ‘teases’

If you choose to enter the room then you will see the show and screen on the left, with a chat box to the right. Above the chat box you will always see the option to ‘End Session’.

SuperMen Live Chat

At the bottom of the page you will see many smaller photo icons and these give you the option as to browse other available online users, (just in case you wish to switch shows).

You may choose to enter your text at the bottom right hand corner or in red is a button on the screen that you may select as to ‘enter a Private Sex Chat’ (which you will be prompted to sign up as a member, if you have not already done so already).

SuperMen Start Private Chat

If you are a member then you will be shown a message that indicates the user’s price per minute to perform this exclusive type of one on one video entertainment.

Otherwise, if you have entered as a guest user, you will have a limited time of 1 minute to spend within a show as a ‘Free Tease’ where you can began chatting to this model. However, you will be restricted to only being able to view ‘3 more heroes’ within that day after enjoying this one.

SuperMen Join Now Free

A message will appear on the screen when your time is up to remind you of how many admissions you have remaining for that day.

This notification will also prompt you to ‘Join Now Free’, which will allow you to gain access to ‘unlimited teases’.


By clicking on the option to join, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to fill out a few minor details - create a ‘Username’, ‘Password’ and provide your ‘Email’.

SuperMen Sign Up Form

You may receive a promotion and gain extra credits by signing up to the site!

After entering the required information, you will them be revealed the different credit packages which are available to you to purchase.

SuperMen Credits

There are many benefits of ensuring that you have credit when using the site.

Topping up credit

There are a few different packages to choose from, but once you have made your decision simply click the ‘Buy Now’ button that is shaded red underneath the deal that you most prefer. (This will take you to the standard CCBill purchase method, but you may wish to change the payment method and to do this, you must select the option underneath to do this first.)

Other Payment methods involve PayPal via Epoch or Segway.

SuperMen Payment

Using the CCbill method, you will see the form that you are required to fill out as to make the purchase. Underneath all of the information, you will be reminded of what payment you are making as a one off fee to enjoy your credit for a total of one year.

To confirm, simply select the ‘Enjoy Credit Now’ button.

Your profile

You may have noticed that after signing up, you have your Username appear at the top right hand side of the screen, should you select this then you will be redirected to your very own personal profile page.

SuperMen Your Profile

Here you may add photographs of yourself or fill out any information as to allow others to get to know you a little better!


To the right of your username, (at the top right hand side of the screen), you may also notice that there is an icon which resembles an envelope. This is your own private messages!

SuperMen Messages

If you wish to see your inbox or send a message to anyone, you may click this link to be directed to the page to do so.

You may continue to browse the site, without buying credit, but your access will be restricted. So it is in your best interest to purchase a package!

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