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Like other cam sites, but offering a wider variety and taking all kinds of preferences into consideration, Sexier has been specializing in this industry since 1996. This is one of the first nude webcam sites to ever launch and so, for this reason alone deserves a little to a lot of respect - these guys know what it is about when it comes to understanding what their customers want!

First glance

This site is not as easy on the eye as your regular sites. At a first look, it doesn't have ass and titties in your face or any kind of immediate graphic images. This may not appeal to everyone and some may think “no faces = no choices.” And let’s face it, those who seek porn are usually like a kid with a picture book because as we all know images do, in fact, speak a thousand words and unfortunately there are none...

But then again, this site deters most of those irritating goofballs and is aimed for the more sophisticated candidates.

The overall design, layout and look is fresh and clean, leaving much to the imagination and keeping a more professional approach. If you look at it from a different angle then in actuality, this is a good thing! As it is not as cheap as a page full of women offering themselves for free from the get go.

Still set out in a in easy to grasp manner, and split into the sections that offer you the choice of categories you would hope to have available, you are able to select your sexual preference and are guaranteed a to of the range model at the other side of these settings.

You can search specifically for what you wish in the bar at the top right of the screen, otherwise you are able to pick from the lists which are placed on the home screen.

You can get seriously picky by choosing the advanced search option underneath the search box!

The great thing is that the suggestions take into consideration the more intricate ideas when it comes to porn and suggest possible selections such as MILF, Fetish, Straight Guys, Swingers - you name it, this site has got it! There is certainly something for everyone.

Enter further and deeper... (Into the site!)

Once you select what it is that you are looking for, it is then that you are directed to a page full of eye candy and you can begin to see your choices of sexy live amateurs who are there waiting for you.

At the top of the screen, you can see the options stay the same, should you want to explore a different category - but you can further change your preferences by using the Narrow By dropbox.

The next thing you will notice is what is available for the model of your choice, which they have set to the bottom of their frame.

Go further with your chosen model

Free chat, Happy hour and Private chat are all the different settings that the models can pick to offer their clients.

If you choose a Free chat model for example, you can enter their live show and begin to message him/her immediately. The message box is to the right of the screen and you have instant access to join the conversation.

However, there is a high demand of other users involved in Free chat and it can easily become frustrating not having that one-on-one experience with your model, (although they do do their best to keep up with the high volume of members and speak to everyone if they can).

At the bottom of the window where you view your model’s cam, there is the opportunity to take him/her for a private session, where you eliminate having to share your desires.

Sign up and enjoy

If you were to choose anything but a Free chat option, you will be escorted to the registration page. It is quick simple and easy to sign up and then you are on your way to meeting the most elite amateurs and enjoying their company. Once you have become a member you simply need to choose a package and pay for it!

There are several easy and safe ways to bill your payments (without having your sexy time disclosed on credit statements!)

A member who has purchased a package has access to all, so long as they keep their balance in check. You are also able to build up a profile so that your chosen models can get to know you and therefore you have a much more personal experience as opposed to just whacking off.

Members also receive a 24/7 customer service access.

Awesome perks!

Always wanted to get up, close and personal with the real stars? The best part about this particular live cam site, is that there is the opportunity to chat with your favorite celebrities!

You can see the latest celeb arrangement to the right of the list of categories at the to of the screen to the right.

The Happy hour option is when a model might make the opportunity for a cheap pay by minute rate to see her show - this is another thing that makes this site unlike any other! Underneath your chosen model’s screen you can choose to turn on your own webcam and microphone and play around with your ameteur.

Don’t miss a thing

When the model you pick happens to be offline, you are still able to view his/her profile, photo gallery and add them to the favorites list for later.


As a site that has been around for so long, the makers sure as hell know what it is that works (after all, they have had more time than most to figure it out!) Sexier is easy to use, fairly priced with many options and models. There is not anything lacking when it comes to this particular live cam site.

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