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Our Rus Cams (Russian) Review

To enter, first you must confirm your age by clicking the tab that states ‘18+’.

After verifying your age you’re free to browse the website’s Home page.

The site is Russian and so you may wish to use a page translator as to understand the content, otherwise you can use the site by clicking on the ‘RU’ tab on the top at the right hand side of the screen, which reveals all language options.

An elite site

RusCams is an updated and modern design, with a clean layout and zero annoying ads.

There are plenty of professional models to choose from when it comes to scooping for your viewing pleasure.

The layout is simple and if you look to the left of the screen then you will find the list of options that are available to go through.

RusCams Layout

You may modify your search by selecting / unselecting the preferences below or, you may wish to manually type what it is you are looking for in the search bar which is at the top of the screen next to the logo.

The Home screen ‘SHOWCASE’ is set to show you the ‘BEST ONLINE’ models first and then ‘New models’ and more.

In the center of the screen you can see the lists of performers who are currently live broadcasting and entertaining.

Every amateur has a photograph as well as their name and availability. You may click on the model that you prefer who is in ‘Free Chat’ - as a guest user - and enter the room to view the show, however, you will be prompted to become a member if you wish to enjoy all of the features of the site.

RusCams Free Chat

If you do not sign up at this point you will be restricted from chat and interaction, until you do. The text will be blurred and you will be unable to reply to private messages.

Best to sign up!

If a model is in private you will also be asked, first to ‘SIGN UP’.

RusCams Sign Up

In order to signup, you are required to enter a valid email address and a password.

RusCams Sign Up Form

Once complete, you will be taken to the next window to verify your date of birth, create a username and you can also add a photo or avatar to your profile.

RusCams User Profile

After so long, a message will appear to ask you to confirm your email address.

Be sure to check your ‘SPAM’ folder for the registration message that has the tab that you will need to follow as to complete the confirmation.

Revisiting as a member

When you are all set and are done providing all the relevant information, you are then taken back to where you were - although, you will notice that some things have changed!

For a start, you will now be able to view the chat that is happening... There are all the other live cam icons down the right hand side if you wish to continue to browse.

The screen that you will find with the show includes a ‘Like’ rating in the top left corner, to which you may add if you wish.

You also have the ability to add a model to your favorites list, but until you will top-up your balance you will still not be able to chat or interact with the models.

RusCams Paid Chat

When a member is in ‘Paid chat’ you are required to pay per minute. The list of prices is at the bottom of the cam screen.

You may wish to join and so to do this, you will need to ensure that your balance is sufficiently topped up.

Getting a balance

RusCams Fill Up Balance

Pressing the link to the top-up page, you will receive a pop up with the lists of available options. Be aware that this page does not seem to translate from Russian, but is still easy to follow.

RusCams Credits

Selecting the option that you have decided upon will take you to a secure payment page where you can complete your transaction.

RusCams Secure Payment Page

Payment methods include credit cards, WebMoney and Bitcoin.

Now that you have funds in your account, you may feel like expressing your appreciation and tipping the ladies, or better yet, paying to take them into a Private Show where your experience is made personal and into a one on one interaction.


If you wish you can see the latest on who is ranking higher - there are many competitions conducted, so that you can see which model does what best!

RusCams Photo Contest

Scrolling down, you will find a leaderboard that gives you all the relevant information.


Models do not get better than this, Russian ladies are a culture of truly lovely and sexy ladies! This site is well worth paying for in our book... Treat yourself! Indulge into the exotic world of beautiful women and do not look back!

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