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Our Ragazze Invendita (Italian) Review

RagazzeInVendita.com is celebrating 10 years of success! This means that it is one of the first adult cam sites! These guys (and girls) sure know what they are doing...

Before you enter the site, there is a warning and a request for you to understand the terms and conditions surrounding the nature of the adult content within this domain. You will need to confirm that you are above the age of 18 as to ‘Enter’, otherwise please ‘Exit’.


You are in, so enjoy! Let’s take a look around...

Although the Home screen may seem a little scattered to the naked eye in the beginning, you will soon realize that this is just simply because there are so many features that this particular site has to offer!

Once you settle, you will see that in the bottom corner you will receive a pop up window that is prompting you to register.

Becoming a member

As for signing up, there are some minor details that you will be requested to submit - but don’t worry, it doesn't take long!

RagazzeInVendita User Registration

After you have done so, you will find yourself back at the Home screen with the extra features that are available to members, including ‘Mail’, ‘Send SMS’ and ‘BUY MORE CREDITS’.

Across the top of the page there are a list of options which are available for means of browsing. These include ‘Products’, ‘Live shows’, ‘Sexy Videos’ and ‘RIV awards’ as well as other features.

Down the left hand side of the page you will see those who are in chat.

At the top right hand side of the screen you will view the login options.

In the center of the screen there are all the current broadcasting models; when you hover over each icon and with the chosen photograph of the amateur, both their name and languages will be revealed.

RagazzeInVendita Navigation

There is also an extra blue bar that will have appeared underneath the regular search options. This is an extension to your browsing as a member and has further options including ‘News Feed’, ‘Messages’ and “RIVshop’.

Checking out the ladies

By selecting a model you will be directed to their profile page which allows you to see personal information about the girl involving what she most likes and a description of her appearance.

RagazzeInVendita Profile Page

From here, you may wish to send a message or a gift. Below her on the right, there is also a list of the items that this particular performer may have on sale, things like her ‘Skype’, ‘Email’ and ‘Mobile’.

There are also photographs, some of which may be public and some may require you to pay a small fee as to view.

Anything that you must pay for can be done via credits and so it would be an idea to top-up.

Account balance and topping up credits

RagazzeInVendita Top Up

Topping up your account balance is easy! There is also the chance to win 100 credits should you purchase 200 credits in a day.

Select the payment method you prefer to use and notice the drop down list appear complete with a table which reveals your options in regards to the different credit packages that you can buy. There are a variety of options to ensure that you get the best deal for you!

Visa or Mastercard

The first and most common option is to pay using this method.

RagazzeInVendita Payment Page

Here you will see the special offers which are made available for this particular transaction. You will be required to fill in the rest of your details as to ensure the payment goes through.

Credit card

Some users prefer to opt for this method of payment, simply because they have the option to use ‘paysitecash‘ or ‘verotel’.

RagazzeInVendita Payment Options

Here you will also receive ‘Tips on your selected payment method’.

Pre-paid cards

Lastly, there is the final option, which allows you to use either ‘CREACOM OnNET ‘ or ‘paysafecard’.

RagazzeInVendita Prepaid Cards

Whichever method you choose, you will then find that you are redirected to that provider's ‘safe and secure page’ as to complete the transaction.


Now that you are set up with credits, you can enjoy the full access to the site and even browse the products that are on offer!

If you hover over this option in the search bar, a drop down list will appear with all the item categories that you may explore form ‘Lingerie’, ‘Erotic Stories’ and even ‘Talk By Phone’.

‘Live Shows’

Ensure you do not miss a thing with the scheduling feature that the site kindly offers!

RagazzeInVendita Live Shows

‘Sexy interviews’

A special feature, (for those members who have purchased a minimum of 500 credits while using the site) and also something that you do not find that any other site offers, is having the opportunity to really get to know your preferred models by sending them a personalized interview form.

RagazzeInVendita Sexy Interviews

You can ask all the questions you desire to learn the answers and enjoy a personal intimate experience!

If you wish, you may browse the RIV performed interviews to have a better idea of how this works and also delve into the world of honesty and confessions from the performers who took the time to reply.

Fancy yourself as an RIV BOY?

Simply select the option across the blue bar toward the end reading ‘Become RIVBoy’ to be taken to the opposite site that only features men!

RagazzeInVendita RIV Boys

After accepting the terms and conditions, agreeing to the age policy, you will be redirected to the RIV BOYS Home page.

This is also the site alternative for those who wish to view men as opposed to women!


Overall, this site is one of the best, but you do need to invest into buying credits in order to be able to enjoy viewing video chat and interacting with the girls. If you do not have anything in your balance you will be restricted from access to videochat because although this service is free, you are still required to have a minimum of 20 credits in your account.

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