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To Start With.

Yes, NeedLive is a sex cam site and it has had a rocky history, dating back from around 2007 or so. The site never really took off on its own, at least not when you compare it with the other big players we list and that's probably one of the reasons DDIT Services bought them, the company that owns and operates LiveJasmin.com.

 Until roughly an year ago, it operated as a livejasmin whitelabel, but currently, NeedLive has reverted to its original form, while still being owned and operated by DDIT Services.

What do you think about the looks?

I like the overall looks of the site. It's nothing out of the ordinary when you compare it to the other cam sites out there and that's a good thing. It's very easy on the eyes and even easier to get around it.

Any online cam girls?

Yes, a few of them, but not many. In fact, we could count about 40 online models when we checked out the site, which is just a small fraction of the online models the other cam sites from the parent company have online.

Nevertheless, the girls are stunning and mostly from Europe.

How does the site work?

You have free chat, if that’s what’s on your mind, but like most of the other online cam sites, the girls don’t really pay any attention to you if you are a guest.

What I found interesting on the site while I was a guest was that it seems you get assigned a random nickname every time you enter a free chat room. My guess is that they use this tactic to get things more personal from the site, but the models don’t really respond to the nicknames, which make me think that they know you are not a registered user.

NeedLive freechat as a guest

You can check out most of the site’s features as a guest, but all the interesting stuff seems to be happening after you sign up.

So let’s not waste any more time and get right to it, shell we?

Sign up is free!

It is completely free, there’s absolutely no cost involved if you just want to have a username. Getting a username all green and nice didn’t make the girls pay more attention to me. After going into 4-5 chat rooms, not one model seemed to be willing to chat. What a disappointment!

If we weren’t on the site to write this review, we would have probably left and never looked back, but since we’re on it for you guys, we decided to take the hit and continue with the review.

If you put aside the lack of communication with the models, the site is actually pretty nice.

There’s a Photo Contest feature, which lets you vote model uploaded pictures. They are grouped into themes, so the last one was called “Women in Black”. We couldn’t vote without buying credits though, but that makes total sense for us.

You can also buy model videos and pictures if you choose so, but a lot of the videos are pretty expensive, around 5-10 credits, which equals the same amount in US Dollars.

How’s the video feed?

Pretty far from LiveJasmin. I don’t know what the idea behind NeedLive really is, but as a product owned by the same company that runs the biggest online sex cam site in the world, you’d expect a better video experience.

It’s really bad on most cams and when you add it up to the girls ignoring registered users, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to buy credits on this site unless they really have a crush on the girl, which admittedly, it can happen.

But I guess we’re not just anyone and I really want to give the site a fair review until the end, so we’re going to buy some credits.

We opted for the cheapest package, 30 credits for $29.99. There were a total of credit packages that you could choose from each one giving away 30 free credits.

Needlive credit packages

Things seem to be staying roughly the same once we bought some credits, although one model was nice enough to talk back to us. So we entered a private chat with her.

She was really nice so no complaints about that.

Prices and Credits?

As we already mentioned, we were pretty let down by the overall video feed as well as model availability.

On the other hand, it’s not an expensive site. All the models we’ve visited had the same rate 1.99 credits per minute for a regular private chat and 2.99 credits per minute for “one on one” private chat. That means no other member can join in once you go for the latter option.

Payment options are similar to the latestrip ones, so there’s no point in going over again here, but there’s one thing we’d like to mention.

Need live payment methods

They have a subscription option available, which is 14.95 credits for 15 days, so that would round it up at about 30 credits per month.

We couldn’t see too many advantages there, except maybe for the priority support and the extra bonus credits on purchases.

Needlive VIP

Overall Experience?

I’ll say it again, the site is not bad at all. It’s really easy to use and it has a pleasant design. But the video quality is one of the worse I’ve seen on a top webcam site which is very surprising considering who actually owns the site.

Models don’t seem to pay much attention the registered users either, probably because of the low volume of traffic the site has and also due to the fact that they’re not exclusive to needlive.com, they’re most likely working on other sites as well.

We think there’s a huge room for improvement in those areas and we hope to those improvements come sooner than later because needlive is a promising site.

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