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Are models that sexy?

There is no mistaking that these are the finest Asian models, found here at From the moment you land on the homepage it is clear to see that there is a certain standard when it comes to presenting each and every amateur.

Every model has a professional photo, with a clean and enticing sexy look so that you can see the best of every individual’s ability to shine.

Absolutely nothing reads ‘cheap’ when it comes to the first impressions of this site. The design is simple, allowing the images to do the work.

Remember, that this particular site is just contains Asian models and so the typical stereotype of the American Barbie - blonde hair, blue eyes sort of gig, will not be found within this site. If you are looking for anything else you are might to feel slightly limited, otherwise you are in the perfect place!

Take a look around

Across the top of the Home page - you will notice there are a few options. The first is to select you preference. The icon that states ‘Girls” can be clicked for a drop down box to change this to either ‘Boys’ or ‘Tranny.’

To the right hand side of that there is a search box where you can manually type what it is that you are looking for or you may wish to select the icon on the right - which will provide a drop down box with a list of all the different available categories so as you can filter your search with regards to what size breasts you would like to see as well as many other options.

On the right hand side of the screen there is ‘Live Cams’, ‘Awards’, ‘Get FREE Credits’ a star icon and then the options to ‘Login’ or ‘Join now’.

Delving deeper into the site

If you click to see ‘Awards’ you will be redirected to a page where you can view ‘THE TOP 100 MODELS’ with saucy pictures of each model with their current status ranking.

Livesexasian Vote Top 100 Models

If you are a member, you can vote for your favorite by clicking the ‘Vote for me’ button, at the bottom right of each photo.

Checking out the cams

You may enter a show without signing up first and you may also chat in the message bar as a guest. However, you are restricted if you do not sign up at some point! For example, if you wanted to pay for anything, like a ‘Private Show’ you will be required to create a membership and buy a package.

Livesexasian Live Model Feed

In the center of the screen, you will find the cam show is to the left, the message bar is in the middle or to the right and to the right there are also other models if you wish to browse further.

Across the bottom you will see the option to ‘Start Private Show’, ‘Buy Credits’, and a space for entering text.

Signing up

When you decide that you wish to sign up, you are generously given 9.99’s worth of free credits! (All the more reason to sign, right?)

Livesexasian Register Page

Entering just a chosen username, password and your email does not take more than thirty seconds...

Livesexasian Credits Packages


Once you have completed the membership form, you are redirected to the package page so that you can claim your free credits. However, it did sound too good to be true, right? There is a catch - if you want these 9.99’s worth of free credits then you will have to buy the most expensive package at $239.99, (but we are sure that it will be worth your while - if you can afford it!)

If you wish to buy a smaller package to begin with then, fortunately, there are other deals available.

Payment methods

Paying by card is not the only option and if you select the button that reads ‘Change Payment Method’ then you will find a number of alternatives that you may choose from including both Paypal and Bitcoin.

Livesexasian Available Payment Methods

You may hover over any of the information icons to have a drop down box appear with an explanation as to each different possible transaction.

If you were to choose the 'Paysafecard' option, when you return to the Package Selection page, then you will find a new bonus has been unlocked!

Livesexasian Custom Credits Packages

Not only can you choose from all the original purchase options, but you can now make your own ‘custom package’ and enter a specific amount that you wish to spend.

The sad thing is, is that your membership is invalid without making one of these purchases - but don’t worry, you can continue as a guest user until you have enough money to invest in buying credits!

Getting back to it

Choose a model that you like and enter the room. Every model is guaranteed to entice you to buy a ‘Private Show’. These professional models know how to dance, grind and show you a good time. The best part? They all have bodies to kill!

Livesexasian In Private Take A Peek

When a model is in a ‘Private Show’, a message will appear on the screen. There is the option to ‘Take a peek’ if you wish to have a taste of what it is all about and to ensure you do not completely miss out on the action. For access to this, you must be a logged in member.

If a model is offline then you can still send a message! Of course, you must be a member to do so too...

Livesexasian Offline Model Page

However, you can enjoy the photo gallery for free!

Final thoughts

Basically, if you seriously want to enjoy this site, then you better be prepared to pay! Although you can input your details to make an account, they do not fully register until you buy your first package. So make sure you have your wallet handy! The models are waiting...

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