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Our Late Strip Review

Late Strip…sounds sexy!

It’s very sexy, indeed! We don’t usually list white label sites, because they don’t get that much customization to make it standout from the main brand.

So why did we add LateStrip to our top webcam sites list? Because we think it stands out a little bit from the rest of the white labels.

One of the main differences is the design, LateStrip chose to go with the classic grid layout, just like another one of our favorite cam sex site.

Go on, start your boring history lesson!

Not much to say about its past to be honest, we traced the site back to 2009 and it became really popular starting 2010, quite a rapid growth we’d say.

Layout, design, features.

We did mention it is a white label site, so it has most of the features that its sister site has. One of the differences would be the Latestrip blog, a well written site featuring lots of articles and model reviews.

We like the site’s design and we think it’s what a design should stand for. The search is extremely useful and accurate, while the menu below the search box makes it very easy to switch between the categories.

Give it me, how sexy are the girls? Do they strip?

They’re really hot, has online models from all over the world, but mainly from Eastern Europe and South America. We browsed the site for a good half an hour and from that experience we can tell you that about 90% of the girls we checked out were gorgeous. That’s not a bad percent at all, considering that there were over 800 models online at the time.

LateStrip DivineAnabelle

And to answer your last question…well, maybe not yours…they do strip. And they do it pretty fast. In fact, the girls from latestrip don’t like to waste too much time in private, that’s mainly because they want to make their members happy and keep them coming back.

So forget about the usual chit-chat you might be forced to do on other sites, these cam girls like to get straight to the point most of the times.

Money baby!

This is not a cheap or one of our free webcam chat sites. If you want to see any kind of nudity, you’ll have to pay.

The site uses credits as a means to pay for live cam shows. There are 5 credit packages: 17.99 credits for $21.99 USD, 27.99 credits for $31.99 USD, 67.99 credits for $71.99 USD, 97.99 credits for $101.99 USD and finally 157.99 credits for $161.99 USD. The last 4 credit packages also come with some free credits, the bigger the amount of credits you buy the more free credits you receive.

LateStrip Credit Packages

The average rate, from what we could tell, is about 1.99 credits per minute, but expect to pay a bit more for a top live cam show.

We were able to find a few chat rooms charging 0.99 credits per minute, which is crazy cheap for a top live chat site, but on the other hand, they do go as high as 4.99 credits per minute. That means that a 30 minute show will cost you around 150 Credits, again…not cheap.

How can I pay?

There are a lot of payments available, including wire transfer and credit cards. In fact, the payment options are similar to the ones LiveJasmin has, so we think there’s no point in us repeating the same information again.

Payment wise, we never had an issue with their billing processor. We ended up having a 2 hours long private show and we bought credits 6 times. It was fast and we never had our private chat room interrupted.

Video and Sound quality?

Flawless, to keep it short. We couldn’t tell for sure if the site is hosted on a faster server than LiveJasmin or if it just lacks some of the issues that one has, but LateStrip is lighting fast and the feed quality is just superb.

The same points are also valid for the audio stream.


We kind of saved the best for last here. There’s a very simple way for you to get 15 FREE credits that you can use to sneak peak inside any of the private chat rooms.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account at Once you’ve done that, you already get 10 free credits.

LateStrip 10 Free Credits

Allow them to send you a confirmation email and once confirmed you get an extra 5 free credits. How's that for a treat?

LateStrip 5 Free Credits

Anything bad, please?

Yes, sure.

In the end

This site is really good. It’s fast, it has a lot of performers online, it has very useful filters and search function, but some of the cams are expensive and most models seem to be working from professional studios.

But the experience was a very pleasant one, we'll make sure we pay it a visit really soon, you should too!

Late Strip Preview VISIT WEBSITE

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