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Our Im Live Review

What do we know?

ImLive hasn’t always been the adult chat site we all know today, but unlike, it has always had an adult section, which of course, was also the most visited one.

So you mean it had other sections? What kind?

Yes, it had. ImLive was a webcam site where you could chat with experts in fields ranging from computers to cooking. So, for a fee, you could ask the help of one of their experts and they’d be able to walk you through the steps required to fix your problem.

This form didn’t last for long, and to be honest, we’re quite happy it didn’t.

They changed the format quite a while ago and the site started featuring adult live cam experts exclusively.

We couldn’t be happier with their decision and since the change, they started on their path on becoming one of the most popular and most awarded webcam site there is.

So what’s it like?

This was actually our first time buying credits on the site, so as usual, we thought we’d start just like any other visitor, by browsing around for a little bit.

We won’t comment on what you can do as a guest on the site, because this is not the site’s purpose. It’s probably worth mentioning that you can chat for free with some of the cam girls…they don’t reveal too much, but enough to make you want to see more of them…you get the point.

I’m sold, let’s sign up…it’s free, right?

Sign up is free and we were anxious to do it. The process was really simple, but what strikes  me as awkward is that they have a sign up form similar to a dating site, which probably means that they’re going to send you dating offers unless you leave that checkbox unchecked.

ImLive Free Chat

That wasn’t something I enjoyed seeing on a premium video chat site, but hey, maybe they’re just testing things out.

Once we got the sign up out of the way, we looked around the site for a while and realized it’s completely different from any other site we reviewed so far.

Different…Is that good or bad?

Both good and bad, actually. For the good part, it has some unique shows that models can choose to participate in, one them being House of Games…yeah we figured out the reference as well.

Other types of shows include “Free Live Chat”, “Discount Club”, “Mobile Cams” and a few more.

While most of them are somewhat obvious, we want to address the “House of Games” theme show a bit, since it’s so unique.

In House of Games, models get to choose an activity they would like to do around the house for several members, at the same time. Some of the available themes are: Cleaning Day, In The Gym, In The Kitchen, In The Shower and Playroom.

ImLive House of Games

So for example, if a model chose “In The Gym” as her theme for the show, users take turns in directing her what to do in the Gym.

Crazy right? Actually it’s pretty fun. This is a time limited show, users get only 3 minutes at a time to direct the show.

Models can set a goal during this type of live show and members can tip in order to help them reach it fast. If you tip enough, you can get a 50% discount for the next time you want to take that model into a private chat.

That was the good. The bad, in our opinion was that it’s a little bit difficult to find models that are in free live chat.

This isn’t obvious at first, but you can reach them by selecting the Advanced Search at the bottom right of the site.

Once that’s done, you’ll be amazed of how many chat hosts are actually in free chat, just two clicks away.

Will my eyes hurt from the video feed?

Not at all, unless you stumble upon a model like acheekygirl, which dances and bounces all around the room.

Seriously though, the cam quality is excellent, we had no issues with that at all. It may take a little bit for it to load, depending on your internet connection, but once that’s done the feed is pretty fluid and clear. It’s still far behind latestrip or live jasmin, but truth be told, most sites are.

Can I watch a show for free?

Not really, no. You can watch the chat hosts’ free live chat rooms, but you won’t see any nudity there.

To really get the party started you have to enter a private show or go into the theme show (House of Games).

The private show costs anywhere between 1.98 to 5.80 credits per minute, but there are several discount options available on the site which can take the price down with up to 0.90 credits per minute.

Credits credits credits…how much does it cost?

ImLive Credits

Although we prefer the payment system of guiltychat and, ImLive’s credits aren’t complicated at all. 1 credit equals $1 USD / €1 EUR / £1 British Pound, depending on your geographic location. FapShows has the same system, the only difference is that on fapshows you have a high chance of getting free credits without actually buying anything prior to that.

Should I join?

To put it short, yes. ImLive is a huge online community, with over 33 million registered users and more than 80.000 chat hosts.

In fact, when we visited the site, there were about 2000 online models, which means it really isn’t your average webcam site.

It also has some amazing filtering options, including price, show type, features, fetish and so much more.

ImLive Advanced Search and Filtering

One of the things we didn’t like about ImLive was that it design feels a little bit outdated and sluggish to us, but as always that’s very subjective and it’s only our personal opinion.

You should make up your own mind by checking out the live site.


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