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iFriends, I remember it…It was the first adult webcam site I ever saw. This was back in the early 2000s, when there weren’t as many cam sites out there. Sure, most of the big players were around back then as well, but just about a handful of those you can find today.

So what’s the big deal with iFriends?

Well, there was a time when iFriends was one of the most popular webcam sites out there and for good reason. They had the hottest models and most traffic. So what’s it like today?

Well, we know they started broadcasting in HD around 2011, when they launched their proprietary HD cam software. We weren’t able to find much info beside that, at least not anything current.

Is the site dead?

No, of course not. When we visited the site, there were about 300 online models, far more than on some of the other sites out there, but considerably less than LiveJasmin or Cams.com.

Those that didn’t have their profile masked by default seemed to be great looking, but whenever we clicked on a model we weren’t able to watch her live feed.

That’s because on iFriends a lot of the models choose not to show their live feed for guests at all.

What can you do as guest?

Nothing really, at least nothing interesting enough to make you want to enter a private show right away. Sure, if you’re new to live cams and this is your first time on an adult chat site, then you might not find this awkward, but for us it felt really strange and we were quite disappointed in this.

Worry not, about a third of the models that were online, were also in free chat, so there’s a chance to have fun after all. These models are accessible directly from the main menu, so it should be pretty easy for you guys to locate them.

Let’s signup!

We noticed iFriends said it’s free to join, so what the hell, why not give it a try?

We tried on Day 1, no luck. Our credit card kept getting rejected. Got pretty tired of it so postponed the sign up for another day.

OK, we tried again, but still no luck…end of Day2. We tried a different credit card this time, but it just wouldn’t go through. After trying for 2-3 times we decided to contact the support team, but we hit another dead end. They just weren’t able to help us with our problem…doesn’t matter…we’ll just try another card, right?

Right, here goes another attempt, 3rd card. NO WAY, it actually worked…finally!

So what’s it like?

We weren’t impressed with the design. We think it is outdated and a bit cluttered. A lot of the pages barely loaded and sometimes it was hard to find your way around iFriends.

ifriends Angel-Pie18

But there are not just bad things. The site has lots of interesting features and we’re going to name a few of them:

ifriends user dashboard

Phone Sex is another one, but this one deserves a little bit more attention. For one, it’s very expensive, $9.98 USD / minute. Talking to someone on Mars might be cheaper…but hey, we won’t complain.

There’s another feature within Phone Sex, which is called “Wake Me Up”. We think this pretty nice to have, and it’s free for Fan Club Members as far as we could tell.

How can you have fun?

You have to spend money if you want to have fun, free chat is available with some models, but you won’t see any nudity there.

So one way is to enter a private chat, which really is private. No other site member can bother you while you’re in a private session with an iFriends model.

Another way is to call the model if you’re in the mood for something more intimate, but we haven’t tried that feature, so we can’t tell if it’s worth the asking price or not.

Wait, you skipped the models. Are they hot?

As always, that’s extremely subjective. We thought they were pretty nice, but we found Guiltychat.com and Latestrip.com to have more to offer there, mainly in terms of model diversity, as iFriends only had a few models available for free and about 300 online overall.

The girls we checked out were nice and they weren’t rushing us to go into a private show with them.

Stream quality?

Generally good, but far from the best. It took about 2-3 seconds once you entered a model’s page before you could actually see the live feed. Compare that to livejasmin or streamate and you’ll see a huge difference.  

How much does it cost?

This is what took us by surprise. It’s more expensive than most of the sites we checked out so far, at least from a price per minute pov. We found that the cheapest rate was $3.99 per minute while the most expensive one went as high as $9.99 per minute.

ifirends vip packages

iFriends claims that the signup is free, but it’s not really the case. We found that we were charged $2 USD when signing up with our credit card. We don’t mind, we just don’t like it when something is advertised as free when it really isn’t. After talking to the customer support we found out that you could be charged $15 USD for the “free” sign up if you were using a prepaid card.

ifriends automatic funding

When you sign up on iFriends, you can choose between 3 membership types, which, depending on the one you choose unlocks some or all of the site’s features.

Aside for the mandatory memberships you can buy Funds, which means money. No credits or tokens here, just simple easy to understand funds.

Final thoughts?

Ifriends is not a bad webcam site, but it’s years away from its main competitors.

The girls are really nice though and the site has a lot features that can make even the most pretentious guys feel happy.

Go on, check it out and come back to let us how it went!

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