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Our Cams Review, nice name!

We think so too, one of our favorite names and very well suited for a live cams company, right?

Well, it wasn’t always like that. We knew quite a few things about before ever deciding to write this review, but we like to go deeper into our reviews, so we did that. We found the earliest snapshot dating from 1997. Back then it seems to have been a computer hardware website, selling computer parts (we can only imagine they were selling webcams too). It lasted like that until 2000, when it started selling cameras, a little more fitted with their domain name, then it switched to being a web directory.

Finally, in 2003 it started to become the site we’re really interested in, an adult video chat one and it’s been like that ever since. is owned by Streamray Inc, which, among other sites, owns brands like adult friend finder, friend finder, and a few others.

In 2007 Streamray’s parent company was bought by Penthouse, who now owns the above mentioned brands.

Enough with the boring history lesson, talk to me about the site.

Alright, alright! It’s not bad at all. We found our experience to be quite pleasant actually. The site loaded fast for us and we liked the fact that it was simple, clean and very easy to find the information you are looking for.

You’re welcomed with the classic grid layout of most cam sites today and you can filter on to specific models or niches using the search function, the categories menu on the left or the menu bar above the first raw of models. That was fine and even useful, but it’s far from being enough in our perspective. Although it’s nice you can select models by Region, Online Status and stuff like that, you cannot however filter on multiple selections. For example, you can not filter to Mature models from Europe, although both categories exist.

There’s also no advanced search either, so if you wanted really specific models, you’d have to start with a category, then go through the pages until you’d find someone you liked.

We didn’t mind it that much though, to be honest, we found some hot girls really fast.

We found a lot of features working without having to register, but we weren’t able to chat or view model pictures as guests.

You know what we’re after, how are the girls?

So sexy. Honestly, we had a hard time finding one that wasn’t sexy. I know we probably say this in a lot of our reviews, but that’s just the way it is.

We went through every site’s category and we were stunned by the amount of gorgeous models that we found.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re into White, Black, Asian or Indian girls, it doesn’t matter if you like Teens or Matures, there’s a very high chance you’ll find someone you like. There were around 400 online models when we first checked the site, so plenty to choose from, we think.

This is a 100% amateur cam models site, we couldn’t find any pornstars profiles on the site.

Sounds good, so how does it work?

As always, we try out as every site that we review…as a guest first. Just to get the feel of what the average user may experience before deciding if it’s worth joining the site or not.

ramitin_cams live chat

You can use a few of the features, like changing the size of the feed, volume control and stuff like that, but, as stated above, you cannot chat with the models unless you register.

You can watch them for free for a very limited time, we found ourselves getting redirected to the signup page quite a few times.

Once you sign up and pay the min. required amount, you can chat with the model if she’s in a free chat, access the models’ photos, you can have a look at how many videos they have for sale and so on.

We noticed four scenarios on regarding models online status.

This means the model sets a goal (a target amount in USD). Once she reaches the goal, she will do whatever she set in her goal.

This is self explanatory, the model is in a private chat with another member and she charges a per minute rate. You can join in as a voyeur, which means you can only watch her, you cannot chat or talk to her (no chat, no audio).

When a model is in a party chat, it means equals right for everyone. She can have video chat with multiple members at the same time and everyone can see the model. They can also chat and talk to her.

This is when a model usually teases her visitors, waiting for them to take her into a private or party chat.


-When available, party chat is cheaper than private chat, but not by much.

-BuzzMode: click anywhere on the suggested area to trigger the model’s self vibrating toy.

Come on, show me the money!

So we finally signed up, bought the minimum amount at first, which was around $10USD. We were using an UK IP address for this review, so we got billed in Pounds instead of US Dollars. We later tested the site with an US IP address and we got billed the same amount, but in USD, so it’s not cheaper if you’re in the US. first payment

Just like, does not use a credits / tokens system. What you buy is what you get with them and we really liked that.

For the first buy, we were only offered a credit card option, but when we went to the payment page a second time, after we had already bought the first £10, we were offered a few more payment options. Those were: wire transfer, SMS Payment, ClickandBuy or Bitcoin.

For the group chat shows (Free > Tip) you can pay as much as you like or what ever the price is if the group chat has already started. People usually tip between $2 – $20 USD.

Private and Party chat shows depend on the model, the average price per minute is around $2.49 USD, going as low as $1.99 and as high as $3.99. There might be lower or higher rates, those were just the ones we could find when we reviewed the site.

Video and Sound Quality, please!

This is a top webcam site, so the video quality is not bad, on the contrary. But we think fapshows and mostly livejasmin have way better video quality. Fapshow’s is a lot faster and livejasmin has a much better video quality than does.

Sound was good, no issues at all there.

Would use the site for paid shows again?

While we think the site should improve its video streaming quality, we do appreciate the plethora of features it has to offer, its design simplicity as well as the amount and diversity of its online models.

Tastes are subjective though, so we dare you to test the site and come back with a feedback to let us know about your experience with it.


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