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In order to enter the site, first you must agree to the Terms and Conditions that you are of legal age to view the explicit material found within the content.

After the age verification, you will then be lead to the Home page, where you can start to enjoy and browse what the website has to offer.

Let’s get started! is a place where only the best of the best like to hang out. It has all categories that you can imagine and has a very modern and clean look.

The layout is complete with professional photos for all selections ranging from, ‘LATINO’, ‘MASTURBATING’, ‘DADDY & MATURE’, ‘BIG, FAT AND CHUB’ and ‘ASS & ANAL SEX’ which are also neatly and clearly displayed on the screen with thorough descriptions.

There are no irritating or distracting ads and the main focus is on what you came for!

CameraBoys Homepage

If you wish, there is a search bar at the top left hand side of the screen where you may manually enter exactly what you want to find.

Exploring the categories

Otherwise there are three main categories at the top: ‘GAY CAM’, ‘WEBCAM BOYS’ and ‘GAY COUPLE CAM’.

When you select a category to browse, you will be taken to the page with a list of available models and a description at the top of the page to welcome you to this preference.

CameraBoys Category Page

Here, you will find the models who perform within this particular category.

The models and their availability

There are photos provided as well as their screen name and status - for instance, some amateurs may be in a ‘Private Chat’ but when you choose a show simply click the icon.

CameraBoys Private Chat

If a member is in ‘Private Chat’, there is the option to ‘Take a Peek’ so as to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the action! However, you are required to be a paying member as to enjoy this feature...

If a member is ‘Offline’ then you are still able to view their photo gallery and send them a message.

CameraBoys Offline Model

If a member is online you will receive a live screen with their show and a chat box as to interact with everyone who is in that room on the bottom right hand corner.

Above the chat box you will see icons which will lead to other available show should you wish to browse further.

CameraBoys Guest User Chat

You may interact as a guest user within the chatroom, however, if you wish to buy credits and take a model to ‘Start Private Show’ then you will be required to sign up.

Become a registered member

Signing up is easy, all you need is to create a ‘Username’, ‘Password’ and enter a valid email address.

CameraBoys Join Now

All is for free if you wish to become a member, but then you have the opportunity to gain ‘9.99 FREE CREDITS’!

After proceeding to enter all of the relevant information, you will then receive a page where you can choose to buy credits. The packages are decent and there are many prices to choose from.

Buying credits and payment methods

CameraBoys Credit Packages

Most packages come with a free credits offer and the more you spend, the more you gain.

The downside or catch is that if you do not purchase a package, then you will not be able to make your account official and complete the signing up process.

This site forgets the username and password you have created, instead of being able to use your membership, you become stuck at the ‘Get Credits’ page until you make the purchase.

So, the best way to enjoy this site is to choose and make your purchase!

Payment methods do vary for this platform and you may decide to change from the credit card standard that is initially offered. You can do this underneath the credit package options as the small print provided states ‘Change payment method’.

CameraBoys Payment Methods

Now, you will find a page that has a list of alternatives including the likes of PayPal, Paysafecard and Bitcoin.

To the right of each option is an information icon that you can select to reveal a drop down list of a description that explains how each choice works.

It does not matter which you select, you will then be redirected back to make your choice of package.

However, if you do choose to use Paysafecard, you will find that you have the option to customize your package which is an exclusive offer to this particular payment method.


Although this site allows you to enjoy certain features as a guest user, it is best to sign up. Despite the website's claims that signing up is free and you will also receive free credits, this all only works out if you ensure to purchase a package right after you have created your login details.

Paying users will have more access, so it is up to you what to do! If you wish to enhance your user experience then it is best to go ahead and buy a package.

CameraBoys Custom Package

Whichever payment or credit package you choose, once you select the ‘Buy Credits’ yellow button, you are then taken to the secure page of that specific payment method as to complete your transaction or if you are continuing to use a bank card, then you will simply be required to fill in the details of this via the website.

CameraBoys Payment Details

One of the great things about using the traditional method of a credit card, is that you also get the opportunity to select the box which allows you to let the site automatically top up your balance should it get low.

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