CAM4 - The site that has ‘fun’ written all over it . . . and doesn't hold back.

Our Cam4 Review

CAM4 has it all and the amateurs do it all - there is zero hesitating - If it is down and dirty you want, then jump to it straight away! These people are up for pure fun no matter what he cost. There is a community feeling rather than an industry for work environment. The models are friendly and they keep in touch.

The minute you enter the home page of this live sex cams site, you are directed to the page of available cams that have a large variety of people waiting to entertain you - as well as themselves!

These individuals do not seem to be concerned with money like models from other sites who appear bored or uninterested except from when they see that you pay them tips - these people are excited, live and ready, no matter what the cost! If you are watching, then you are enjoying . . . simple.


From typing in the site name to clicking enter, you can see instantly that there are a variety of cams available and CAM4 chooses to put their ‘trending’ cams at the top of the list - so you can see what is hot right now!

At the top of the screen, you can skip to your overall preference from ‘Pregnant’ to ‘MILF’ to ‘Gay’  etc. Some options may link you to other sites, for instance ‘Meet & Fuck’ knows your location and will link you to those who are around and available for real life bonking!

To the left of the screen you will also see another list of options that will modify your search.

It is easy to get distracted from what you were first set out to do as these models are so full on and in your face that you will have a whale of a time in seconds!


To make a profile is easy and there are many benefits. You will find that if you attempt to enter the chat box during one live show, you will be taken to the registry page where you will be asked to create a login name. It is quick, simple and easy, then you will be a part of the community as soon as you verify your email.

Cam4 Register

Cam4 Activate Account

What goes on . . .

If you are into smoking and have different types of fetishes, there is a lot allowed on this site that you might not see on others that have restrictions. From sex toys to couples and orgies to masks and whips to the great outdoors! You will be satisfied - no matter what you are into!

Cam4 Couple

Keeping it kinky

Like games? Roll the dice.

This is the option that models set to up the stakes when it comes to both your visual pleasure and their genuine fun. There is pretty much nothing the models will not do and this site is not for the faint hearted. We all know that a dice has six sides and therefore there are six different opportunities depending on which face it happens to land on.

Cam4 Kinky Game

When this option is enabled by the user, at the bottom right of their screen you will see that there is the option to ’Play Roll The Dice’ and the options for what you could win appear to the right. If you have zero tokens to play, you will see a popup that asks you to choose a package.

Cam4 Tokens

Packages and payments

Once you have chosen the package you would like - it is time to pay! There are plenty of packages to choose from and three different payment methods including PayPal.

Cam4 Payment

Select your chosen method and you will be taken to a secure page to complete your payment safely through Epoch.

Cam4 Purchase Safe

Be sure to read the small print as the box for automatic enrollment for a monthly contract is checked and if you do not want this you will need to uncheck this item.

Back to it in no time!

After collecting your tokens you can move forward and if you were trying to ‘Roll The Dice’ the dice will be rolled! Depending on which face it lands on is what performance you will see for example, it may land on Six and this might read ‘Blow Job’ - therefore your model may have a toy for another model in the room that he or she would display this act upon.

You may like what you see and decide to take this person further by inviting them to a private room, where the pair of you can enjoy exclusive interactions that are erotic but personal. This option is below the camera screen for your model.

Get to know your models

Once you have chosen your cam you can scroll down to view their profile and photo gallery. Some amateurs may state their own preferences as to inform you of how to act respectful.

There are ways you can treat your favorites. By purchasing tokens you can send your chosen cam models gifts in order to really grab their attention. You can play the games that they set out and have them do things which are riskier and riskier!

You may tip your favorite models and the moves you like to see to show your appreciation. This will allow them to take steps closer to their goals.

Each model sets out a goal which is specified underneath the screen and message box.


The show doesn't end at just one camera on screen - you can now enjoy several cams at once so that you do not miss a thing! To select this option, simply check underneath the message and chat box to find it next to ‘Full Screen.’

Cam4 Multicam

As you can see, you would need to enable a Gold Membership. The great thing is, you unlock more than twenty more features . . . just when you thought it couldn't get any better!

Make money!

That is right! You could set up your very own live show and become a part of the community earning yourself tokens and changing the way you perceive cams forever!


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