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How is

Much more than just a website, is a community with a huge following. Although at a first glance it looks like you are signing up to a phone contract rather than a porn, cam or sex site due to the image being a very clean and professional design, AdultFriendFinder holds the key to those who just want to get some serious down and dirty action -  no questions asked!

Immediately upon entering you are required to enter details to register and what is more important is for the platform to understand where you are as to find like-minded people within your area to connect you with.

Adultfriendfinder Registration

Nice and easy

Once you have entered your location and with regards to where abouts you are in the world, you are then to take Step 2 of the form and make a username and password for your login details. Once the information has been quickly processed, you can start to seek your matches.

Adultfriendfinder Registration Step Two

Upon completion you are redirected to your personal Home page, but you are required to verify your email for the site. The design is somewhat like that of social media with a sexy twist!

Adultfriendfinder Member Profile

You may wish to browse first and check out some of the features and what the ‘Activity’ of the community has to say, which is lower down on this page.

Adultfriendfinder Community Activity

Here you get a chance to understand the interests of other users and see what the latest discussions involve.

Moving forward

Verifying your email address right away will then take you to your official Profile page.

Adultfriendfinder Upload Photos

You will see that you are encouraged to upload photographs of yourself and videos should you choose to do so, before you continue with any thing else. Then you can go forward to building on your ‘Account.’

Adultfriendfinder My Account

This is where you can get to work on presenting yourself for others to view. You have plenty of options to choose from and it is best to talk about yourself a little, what you are into and state your preferences.

Site navigation

Across the top of the page you will see your icons and search options. The icons start with the ‘Home’ symbol and move across to ‘Messages’ and then to ‘Notifications’ - (there is also a ‘Notifications’ icon present at all times at the bottom right hand corner of your screen as to ensure you do not miss anything!)

Adultfriendfinder Site Navigation

Afterwards there is a list you can choose from including ‘My Things’ which has a drop down box full of quick access to all of your data, from your Profile to your Favorites lists.

Adultfriendfinder Payment Packages

Becoming a ‘Paying user’

You also get the opportunity to ‘Upgrade’ your account and if you wish to do so, you are directed to the several options that you can choose from as to become a paying user.

Of course, there are extra benefits to upgrading your account, having the opportunity to access more features including being able to interact and communicate your thoughts with regards to videos which are posted, being able to view your full profile and receive messages to build your contacts and more!

The initial payment is with a credit card as it is the fastest way to make a payment, but there is also the option to pay by Money order, or even Credit card by mail.

Site navigation (continued . . .)

Moving over, there is the ‘Search’ option and the drop down box offers you different ways to browse from ‘Who is online,’ ‘VIP members,’ ‘Members near me’ and ‘Hot or not’ plus more!

Adultfriendfinder Online Models

The first option of the list being ‘Who is online’ fills you in on just how advanced this site really is and how many users out there are involved in this community! There are thousands of people out there just waiting to connect! You can modify your search at the to of the screen and find people by the click of a button!

More options

‘Live action’ also has a drop down box which allows you to access to the webcams which are currently streaming or upload your own! (It is recommended to broadcast yourself so as to earn ‘bonus points’ to your account!)

Adultfriendfinder Broadcast

By choosing to enter ‘Live member webcams’ you are directed to a page full of real people having real fun for the camera. If you hover over a preferred cam you will see a list of options with regards to viewing their profile, their location, sending tips or gifts, being able to flirt, message, chat or even add as a friend!

To the left hand side of the page you can filter your search as to ensure you view what you would prefer to see with regards to the models and their shows.

Adultfriendfinder Livestream

Every cam that is currently streaming live you can enter like any other webcam site. The livestream will open in a separate window and you are able to join the fun by viewing, chatting with the rest of the room, rating or giving tips.

Even more options!

‘The Community’ search option has a drop down box which includes the ‘Blog’ and ‘Magazine’. If you are to choose the option for ‘Sex Academy’ you will be taken to a page which has a full list of courses available which can help you to improve your sex life.

Adultfriendfinder Sex Academy

To say you may learn a trick or two, what with the courses including demonstration videos as well as instructions, these packages are extremely fairly priced if you are to place an order.

Finally, the ‘What’s Hot’ option gives you a list of all the top rated photos, videos, members etc.


Overall, there is a lot to do with this site and if you tired of using Facebook to communicate with your regular acquaintances and want to bump it up a notch to talk more about what excites you sexually then this is certainly the site for you.

AdultFriendFinder can easily get you hooked on dating as there are so many available users to interact with and so many features on the site to ensure that everyone is catered for in all ways!

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